:: Safety e-Learning: Logout/Tagout Essentials (LOTO-E)

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Safety e-Learning: Logout/Tagout Essentials (LOTO-E)

Logout/Tagout Essentials (LOTO-E)
Learn about lockout/tagout, isolation procedures for electrical power source, pneumatic power source, and hydraulic power source. A 3-D interactive simulator tests knowledge for lockout/tagout procedures for different energy sources. (Powered by Thru-u.com)

Important: Each Chapter opens a Welcome screen that has a buttons for Help and Begin. We strongly advise that first time users of the Thur-U Courses to click the Help button to familiarize themselves with how to navigate the modules.

The Simulator: After clicking "Start", Help is available by clicking on the blue " i " button that shows up in each section of this module.

This module consists of the following chapters enhanced with Animations, Audio, Full Text w/out animation, a Chapter Summary, Chapter Evaluation, and Show or Hide Bullet Points.

  • Chapter 1- Introduction to Lockout/Tagout
  • Chapter 3- Lockout/Tagout Devices and when they are Used
  • Chapter 7 - Lockout/Tagout Procedures
  • The Simulator
It should take you approximately 1 hour to complete this module.
Successful Completion earns a Certification of Completion.

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