The PETEX Learning Stick

The PETEX Learning Stick™

PETEX Learning Stick PETEX Learning Stick™ offers our enterprise customers the flexibility to take PETEX e-learning courses or read PETEX e-books in an offline setting without the need to connect to internet. Smaller, portable, and more reliable than internet-based delivery, the PETEX Learning Stick fits right in your pocket to travel with you and use anywhere you have computer access. Customers in remote oil rig locations (onshore or offshore) or those who travel frequently will find the Learning Stick to be a valuable tool for independent learning and training on-the-go.

Selected products are available on the PETEX Learning Stick:
  • All PETEX e-learning modules
  • All PETEX e-books

  • For enterprise customers:
  • PETEX supplies an unprotected master USB
  • Customers make copies of the USB limited to number of licenses purchased
  • Single or multiple users per USB: each can be separately tracked on the same USB
  • You receive a one-year subscription license, with low annual renewal charge
  • Customized content: can have multiple products on single USB (e-books, e-learning)
  • Discounts available based on number of enterprise users (101 to 10,000 users)

  • Now you can run e-products whenever and wherever you need them. Contact us for more information on product options, delivery, and licensing terms. Or email; call 800.687.4132.


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