Welcome From The Director
Zahid Yoosufani

Since 1944, the Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX™), a unit of the Division of Continuing and Innovative Education, has developed, produced, and delivered technical and nontechnical training courses, publications and e-learning products to both companies and individual workers in the global oil and gas industry.

The world’s appetite for energy is increasing. Drilling and production operations are accelerating to meet demand, and technologies for unconventional resources are emerging. However, the industry is confronted with the same workforce dilemma as in the early 1980s—a staggering number of workers are retiring and transitioning out of the workforce necessitating an increase in the recruitment, training and retention of younger generations to take their place.

PETEX understands this challenge and devotes its energy to staying abreast of new practices and helping clients by training and educating their personnel. We understand that mistakes on the job translate to lost efficiency, lost income and, sometimes, lost lives. There has never been a time when training has been more important.

PETEX responds to this need by offering a wide selection of programs and services, developing innovative new products and delivering instruction when and where it’s needed around the globe. The PETEX Learning and Assessment Center in Houston, Texas, is busier than ever conducting instructor-led, blended and custom courses both here and abroad. In Austin, PETEX develops e-formats to conveniently deliver courses and tools online, and is broadening its library of print publications and e-books. PETEX’s state-of-the-art training facility in Houston, Texas, features two large laboratories that support its renowned Measurement training. PETEX is also well known for its suite of quality Fundamentals courses. In addition, the book A Primer of Oilwell Drilling continues to top the list as the industry’s first reader in educational drilling content.

PETEX learning content is developed to industry standards with the guidance and support of its Advisory Committee, in addition to a full spectrum of industry experts that act as content advisors. These contributors enable PETEX to serve as an ambassador for the industry and supply relevant training solutions. As companies firm their focus on safety and results, PETEX intensifies its own focus on best-in-class global training options. Now is a critical time to build the skills and processes to address the challenges and innovations that lead us forward.

Zahid Yoosufani, Director
PETEX™(Petroleum Extension Service)
Division of Continuing and Innovative Education
The University of Texas at Austin
email: petex@www.utexas.edu