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Greg McCormack

On behalf of PETEX, we are deeply saddened by the Deepwater Horizon incident, and our thoughts remain with all those who were affected. This includes foremost the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the accident, the Gulf Coast families who work in the fishing industry, the business owners in the Gulf Coast areas and others economically impacted, as well as the wildlife and habitat being affected. The oil and gas industry continually strives to find better and more effective ways to work safely and with the least amount of impact on the environment as we reach toward our goal of meeting the energy needs of the 21st century through exploration and recovery. It is with these goals in mind that PETEX offers training in a wide variety of areas to those who work in this industry.

People from all over the globe have queried PETEX about our training programs, showing an interest in a variety of training formats. Over the last 65 years, PETEX has constructed a reliable, effective path for oil and gas training. More recently PETEX has added a new goal: that of addressing the online training needs of the industry. The intellectual content that PETEX has developed and cultivated for many years is being digitized.

Training is holistically recognized as a necessity, but the methodology within the industry varies greatly. While PETEX has sought to address the diverse needs of the industry and to increase training accessibility, we stand behind the importance of the right training and training right. The staple training approach is not one-way-serves-all, but rather a blend of instructor-led training, hands-on application, and e-learning.

While demand for e-learning is growing, it enhances rather than replaces instructor-led training. Some components of online training serve as a pretest as well as a refresher, but they will not replace the need for operations and maintenance hands-on exercises or testing and troubleshooting. The increased safety and regulatory requirements, the need for certification, and the economic rise of the oil and gas industry will continue to fuel the demand for training. As a leading training provider, PETEX will continue to serve you by delivering the most appropriate, results-oriented training.

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