:: Fundamentals of Petroleum Assessment FAQ

Q: What is the Fundamentals of Petroleum Online Assessment?
A: The Online Assessment is a set of tests that go along with the Fundamentals of Petroleum book.

Q: What is the purpose of the Online Assessment?
A: The Assessment is designed to reinforce your learning from the Fundamentals of Petroleum book. It can also be used to measure your comprehension of key topics from the book. This can help you cement your knowledge, or recognize which subject areas you have mastered and which ones you need to study further.

Q: Why is the Online Assessment a good value for money?
A: The Fundamentals of Petroleum book and the Online Assessment together make up an educational tool comparable to a classroom training course, at a fraction of the cost.

Q: What is considered a passing score on the Online Assessment?
A: 70%

Q: What happens when I pass the Online Assessment?
A: If you complete the overall Assessment with a passing grade (70%), you automatically receive 4 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). CEUs are required by some companies and professional associations. You also receive a Certificate of Completion.

Q: If I complete the Assessment with less than a passing grade, do I get a chance to take the Assessment again?
A: If you complete the overall Assessment and score less than 70%, you get one retake. You can reread the chapters where you need to improve your knowledge, and then take the retake Assessment, which has a different set of questions but covers the same topics.

Q: How long is the Online Assessment?
A: The overall Assessment has a total of 500 questions. It is divided into 15 individual tests, one for each chapter of the book. The individual chapter tests range from 8 to 80 questions.

Q: What is the format of the questions?
A: The questions are multiple-choice and matching.

Q: How does taking the Assessment enhance the value of the Fundamentals of Petroleum book?
A: Individuals find that taking the Assessment helps them retain what they learned from the book.

Q: How is the Assessment administered?
A: The Assessment is delivered online. When you purchase it you are able to log onto a secure website and take the Assessment. You can take the Assessment at your own pace, and start and stop whenever you want. We assume you will be taking it “open-book”.

Q: Is there a time limit to complete the Online Assessment?
A: While taking the test, you can log off at any time, saving your progress, and log back on. The license has a time limit of two years, renewable at a discount.

Q: How is the Online Assessment used as a training tool by companies?
A: Companies use the book and the Online Assessment together as a self-study training package for their employees. PETEX also creates customized tests for corporate customers for a wide range of uses.

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