Need to learn the basics quickly to build fundamental knowledge?

Try these affordable product bundles that provide comprehensive blended learning in key industry areas.

Offshore Operations—As low as $133 ($157 if purchased separately)
Learn about the complex equipment and nature of work performed offshore to drill for oil and gas.

Interactive Offshore Rig: 3D Simulation Online tool that demonstrates the inner workings of a semisubmersible offshore rig. Includes a test!

A Primer of Offshore Operations, 3rd Ed.: Book/e-Book
 training manual that examines the special conditions a marine environment imposes on finding, producing, and transporting oil and gas.

Well Control—As low as $373
 ($439 if purchased separately)
Find out how pressure and flow are controlled inside a well to ensure safe and continuous operations.

Introduction to Well Control DVD and Online Assessment
: Full-length training video that demonstrates well control procedures and their importance. Includes a test!

Well Control e-Learning Module
: Reinforce knowledge with state-of-the-art animations that give an up-close picture of how control is maintained. Includes a comprehensive test!

Blowout Prevention—As low as $185 
($218 if purchased separately)
Teaches how well blowouts occur and the causes and signs of blowouts.

Blowout Prevention, 4th Ed. Book/e-Book: Learn how to detect and control kicks with definitive steps to apply both onshore and offshore. Includes a test!

Blowout Prevention System e-Learning Module: Interact with the special equipment used to manage kicks and prevent blowouts. Includes a test!

Well Stimulation—As low as $122
 ($144 if purchased separately)
Learn how to stimulate well production to maximize oil and gas extraction from wells.

Well Stimulation Treatments, 2nd Ed. Book/e-Book: An educational perspective of a widely discussed topic—hydraulic fracturing—and its application along with other techniques used today. Includes review questions.

Well Stimulation e-Learning Module
: An interactive e-learning tool focusing on stimulation factors, practices, and equipment. Includes quizzes!

Artificial Lift—As low as $190
 ($224 if purchased separately)
Get up-to-speed fast on the latest equipment, practices, and technologies involved in artificial lift.

Artificial Lift Methods, 2nd Ed. 
Book/e-Book: Understand how to maximize well performance through precision technologies used to lift oil and gas from wells. Includes a test!

Artificial Lift e-Learning Module: Enjoy e-learning that highlights the various methods and technologies used in conducting artificial lift. Includes quizzes!

Oil and Gas Leasing—As low as $166 ($195 if purchased separately)
A quick comprehensive course for those seeking reliable information on professional land management practices.

Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing e-Learning Module: Understand ownership and how companies compete and cooperate for oil in the same petroleum reservoir using stimulating visual explanations. Includes quizzes!

Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing e-Learning Module: Understand how governments regulate offshore rights and how leases are managed. See and hear about cooperative agreements and the bidding process. Includes quizzes!

Land and Leasing, 2nd Ed. Book/e-Book: A layperson’s approach to the legal aspects of land ownership, transfer, and leasing and preparations for drilling and production. Optional Online Assessment.