:: Fundamentals of Petroleum Certificate Part 5: The Changing Market

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Fundamentals of Petroleum Certificate Part 5: The Changing Market

Fundamentals of Petroleum, 5th Ed., Part 5: The Changing Market provides a comprehensive e-book overview of petroleum economics; environmental, health, and safety concerns; and energy options and policy to introduce learners to oil and gas systems around the world. The Part 5 Certificate Program consists of three chapters and three associated tests.

This program is in a convenient format that tests knowledge and reinforces learning. This online tests provide an easy, immediate way to ensure understanding of the many key concepts presented in the Fundamentals of Petroleum, 5th edition text. A retest is available if a score of 70% is not achieved. Questions are presented in multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank formats with illustrations accompanying some questions to assist learning. Satisfactory completion of each part earns each participant Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and a Certificate of Completion. Additional parts may be purchased as needed.

Important Note: Hiring and promotions are a matter of judgment, and any written test can only be a small part of the candidate evaluation process. PETEX does not recommend that a PETEX assessment be used as the only criterion to evaluate a person’s knowledge or skills.

E-Book plus Online Assessment
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