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Season’s Greetings from CIE


View our video card wishing all of our students, faculty, colleagues and friends a very happy holiday season. Also, find out how we came to create it.

K-16 Education Center helps high school student Alex Slaughter get ahead

Alex Slaughter


Alex Slaughter took an online course with the K-16 Education Center to stay on track with her pre-AP courses at her high school and maintain a competitive edge.

Chris Catino finds academic freedom and flexibility with UT Online High School

UTHS student Chris Catino


As a student with the UT Online High School, Chris Catino is able to create his own schedule. This flexibility allows him to conduct marine biology research, work as a scuba-diving instructor’s assistant, and volunteer with Meals on Wheels.

Go “Back to School” with CIE, Part 1

Go Back to School with CIE, Part 1


CIE presents a number of new courses, programs and services to greet both traditional and non-traditional students in fall 2010. In part one, take a peek at what's in store from the K-16 Education Center, University Extension and the Professional Development Center.

K-16 Education Center goes extra mile to help high school students graduate on time

K-16's Erin Connolly prepares to process exams returned from schools.


Every graduation season, the K-16 Education Center goes into overdrive to ease the way for high school seniors to graduate on time. “The phone never stops ringing starting in April up through June,” says Erin Connolly. “We often go outside our usual process to help these students."

Vietnamese students benefit from UT Online High School

Tran My Liem and Le Bao Hoang


The Online High School partners with a school in Vietnam to offer online courses to its students. Students Tran My Liem and Le Bao Hoang answer a few of our questions about their experiences.

Emily Stockton prepares to graduate from CIE’s Online High School

Emily Stockton


Before Emily Stockton reaches for her goal of becoming an opera singer, she will graduate in June from CIE's UT Online High School.

LUCHA offers help to Texas educators for improving graduation, decreasing dropout rates

LUCHA Symposium


On May 11, 2010, CIE welcomed educators from 15 Texas school districts to our campus for a seminar on how the LUCHA program can help them increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates for Spanish-speaking English language learners.

CIE’s Allison Kemp awarded 2010 Outstanding Staff Award


CIE's Allison Kemp has been awarded a 2010 Outstanding Staff Award. This award recognizes staff members of UT Austin who have made outstanding contributions to the continuing success of the university. Learn more about Allison and her work in this video profile.

CIE’s Peggy Wimberley helps migrant students meet the challenge of distance education

Peggy Wimberley of CIE's Migrant Student Program


Peggy Wimberley describes how the Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement program has made a lasting impact on Texas migrant students. Since its beginning in 1987, over 15,000 students have earned credit toward their high school diplomas through this important program.

How to transfer school credit from Mexico to the U.S. using CIE’s LUCHA program



LUCHA is designed to help Spanish-speaking students from Mexico transition into Texas public schools. Learn how LUCHA analyzes transcripts to place students correctly in the school system and give them credit for courses they've already taken.

Colleen Wells gets ahead with UT Online High School

Colleen Wells, student of UT Online High School


Colleen Wells is a highly-motivated, advanced student enrolled in UT’s Online High School. Her motivation comes from a great eagerness to learn, to achieve good grades, and to excel in school so that “all of my higher education options are open to me.”

CIE’s ASKME™ provides opportunities for online learning and independence

ASKME online courses


CIE provides high school students with the ASKME™ online math and science courses. ASKME uses the latest technologies and learning techniques to help students succeed academically and assume greater responsibility.

Students honored at 2010 Migrant Student Recognition Ceremony


Forty outstanding high school migrant students from across Texas were recognized on March 29 at the 23rd annual Migrant Student Recognition Ceremony at The University of Texas at Austin. Our video cameras were on hand to capture the event.

Rogelio Ortiz and Sofia Velazquez named Migrant Students of the Year

Sofia Velazquez and Rogelio Ortiz


Rogelio Ortiz and Sofia Velazquez were named Students of the Year by CIE's Migrant Student Program. Ortiz and Velazquez were selected from among 40 migrant high school students honored for their exemplary achievements.

Migrant Student Program Prepares to Celebrate Graduating Seniors

Migrant Student Program Seniors


CIE's Migrant Student Program provides distance learning opportunities to help migrant students maintain their studies while traveling. Preview next week's Migrant Student Recognition Ceremony by meeting three of the 40 students to be honored at the March 29th event.

Luz Hinojosa: Former migrant student now working with CIE’s Migrant Student Program

Luz Hinojosa


From the time she was born until her junior year in college, Luz Hinojosa traveled with her family each spring to harvest cotton and grapes in California. Luz now supports the migrant community through her work in CIE’s Migrant Student Program.

Meet Alexis Fernandez: Former migrant student, current UT senior

Alexis Fernandez


The Migrant Student Program provides distance learning courses to high school students traveling with their families to harvest crops. Alexis Fernandez was the program's exemplary student of 2006. Today, he is studying Mechanical Engineering at UT.

Students discover CIE programs at Explore UT


On Saturday, March 6, the university welcomed an estimated 50,000 schoolchildren, teachers and parents to Explore UT. CIE was there with exhibits from the Migrant Student Program and PETEX, offering useful information on these programs with interactive games and prizes.

CIE joins the fun at Explore UT

(L to R) Debby Denehy, Nancy Hanson and Itzel McClaren of PETEX


On Saturday, March 6, the university welcomes an estimated 30,000 visitors to Explore UT, "The Biggest Open House in Texas." Find out what CIE, represented by the K-16 Education Center and PETEX, has in store for this year's event.

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