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CIE staff meet for Spring 2012 Professional Development Day

CIE staff meet for Spring 2012 Professional Development Day


On Wednesday, January 11, Continuing and Innovative Education (CIE) held its spring 2012 Professional Development Day. Team members from all CIE components gathered to celebrate last year's successes and look forward to the future. Video and photo gallery included!

Monica Mercado awarded CIE’s 2011 TOP Award


Monica Mercado was awarded CIE's 2011 TOP Award for her great contributions to the success of the new Informal Classes program. Under Monica's watch, Informal Classes has been transformed from a program on the edge to being a center of growth for CIE and the University.

CIE team members come together for Fall 2011 Professional Development Day


On Monday, August 15, staff members from every component of CIE gathered for the Fall 2011 Professional Development Day. During the event, staff members got up-to-date on both division-wide and university-wide goals.

Jerri Oreson wins TOP Award

Jerri Oreson wins TOP Award


To thunderous applause, Jerri Oreson of the University of Texas-University Charter School, was presented with the Truly Outstanding Performance (TOP) Award by Dean Judy Ashcroft at CIE’s Holiday Party.

Messan Quevison awarded CIE’s 2010 TOP Award

Messan Quevison awarded CIE's 2010 TOP Award


Messan Quevison of CIE-IT was presented with a 2010 Truly Outstanding Performance (TOP) Award at the CIE summer picnic on August 18, 2010. Learn more about Messan's role in CIE, his background and his thoughts on winning the TOP Award.