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UEX entrepreneur course helps Erine Gray launch online social work business


After taking UEX's Foundations of Entrepreneurship, Erine Gray launched, providing users with solutions to their food, health and housing needs.

UEX online course helps Air Force’s Dan Halverstadt earn bachelor’s degree

Master Sergeant Dan Halverstadt of the U.S. Air Force


Air Force Master Sergeant Dan Halverstadt cites University Extension's flexibility and high academic standards for helping him to earn his degree.

Peace Corps member Adam Fivenson gets ahead with online courses from University Extension


Adam Fivenson travels to remote locations for his work, where electricity and Internet access are unpredictable. Despite these difficulties, Adam completed two self-paced online courses from University Extension (UEX) to prepare for graduate school.

Kaushlesh Biyani reaches his goals with UEX’s Business Foundations Certificate

Kaushlesh Biyani


Photographer Kaushlesh Biyani took Foundations of Entrepreneurship from University Extension to help launch his own business.

Jerri Oreson wins TOP Award

Jerri Oreson wins TOP Award


To thunderous applause, Jerri Oreson of the University of Texas-University Charter School, was presented with the Truly Outstanding Performance (TOP) Award by Dean Judy Ashcroft at CIE’s Holiday Party.

UEX student Mirian Uroza invests in education and in her future

UEX student Mirian Uroza


Every week, Mirian Uroza takes a bus from Katy, Texas, to Austin to attend the UEX evening course, "Foundations of Entrepreneurship," on our campus. Her motivation? "I truly believe that the best investment you can make for personal success is education."

CIE: Reaches Around the World


Get a bird's-eye view of CIE's reach around the globe in this animation that provides a small sample of CIE growing international presence.

REPORT: Specialized skills and increased education give job hunters advantage

Report: Specialized skills and increased education give job hunters advantage


The Associated Press is reporting that once the current economy recovers job hunters with more specialized skills and education will be at an advantage. CIE offers a wealth of opportunities to help you get ahead in the job market.

REPORT: Increased exposure to online learning fosters greater confidence in its benefits

Report: Increased exposure to online learning fosters greater confidence in its benefits


Campus Technology magazine reports that two new studies find that administrators and faculty from schools with online learning experience are more likely to believe in its benefits than those who don’t.

Go “Back to School” with CIE, Part 1

Go Back to School with CIE, Part 1


CIE presents a number of new courses, programs and services to greet both traditional and non-traditional students in fall 2010. In part one, take a peek at what's in store from the K-16 Education Center, University Extension and the Professional Development Center.

Reports: Texas college students may soon be required to take online courses

Texas college students may soon be required to take online courses


The Houston Chronicle and the Chronicle of Higher Education are reporting that a Texas higher-education panel has recommended that students be required to complete 10% of their degrees outside the classroom, through options such as online courses.

UEX Nursing Program helps Kim Belcik get ahead in her career and education

Kim Belcik is a nursing instructor


University Extension offers a program, in partnership with the School of Nursing, that encourages nursing professionals to return to graduate school to become nursing educators. Recent program graduate Kim Belcik offers her thoughts and gives advice to other nurses considering the program.

UEX program enables instructor Chris Cooper to teach Advanced Placement courses

Chris Cooper


UEX hosts over 700 middle and high school teachers this summer for the Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (APSI). Teacher Chris Cooper shares her experiences of APSI and how it helps her students.

Meet David Verduzco, instructor with UEX’s Business Foundations Certificate


After stints at Dell Computers and Xerox Corporation, David Verduzco began his teaching career at the university 10 years ago in the McCombs School of Business. He is also an instructor with UEX's Business Foundations Certificate Summer Institute.

UEX helps international students adapt to life and study in the U.S.

SABIC Foundation students


University Extension partners with the university’s International Office to offer courses that help students from Saudi Arabia adapt to life and study in the United States. The SABIC program helps these students become acclimated to American educational and societal customs.

UEX uses social media to reach students


Social media experts suggest that an effective way to promote new services and build community is through creating contests. University Extension has launched a series of contests on their Facebook page offering students a chance to win prizes, such as registration discounts.

Jason Mellard: Coming home to Texas music


At some point in his life, Jason Mellard crossed the line from fanboy to scholar. He grew up listening to artists like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. But took a detour into rock during his adolescence. Eventually, Jason came home again to study the cultural impact of his first love: Texas music.

New mom Jamie Sauer goes back to school with UEX


Jamie Sauer returned to college to complete her degree after giving birth to her newborn daughter. She took both online and evening classes with University Extension to accomplish her degree path and stay flexible to the needs of her family.

UEX online courses prepare Coast Guard member for medical career

Baron Barrera, UEX student and Coast Guard member


As a member of the Coast Guard, Baron Barrera is always on-call. Taking online courses with UEX allows him to earn college credits anytime, anywhere. He's now studying for his next career in the medical field.

Meet Dinara Jumadilova: International Student

UEX student Dinara Jumadilova


In observance of International Women's Day, CIE shines a light on one of its own students: Dinara Jumadilova of University Extension (UEX). Dinara is currently in grad school studying health care administration. She plans on using her degree upon graduation in her native country of Kazakhstan.

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