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Vietnamese Students Earn Diplomas from UT Online High School

Nam My students celebrate their graduation from the UTHS.


The K-16 Education Center is proud to announce its first class of high school graduates from a partnership with the Nam My Vietnamese American Private School in Vietnam.

UT Online High School collaborates with AESA Prep Academy


The AESA Prep Academy caters to high school tennis athletes who hope to earn college scholarships. AESA collaborates with the UT Online High School to ensure their students receive a rigorous education to prepare them for a future -- with or without tennis.

UT Online High School earns updated NCAA accreditation

Students at the AESA Prep Academy take high school courses through the UT Online High School.


High school athletes can register for fully accredited online classes at The University of Texas at Austin Online High School, a program of the K-16 Education Center.

Chris Catino finds academic freedom and flexibility with UT Online High School

UTHS student Chris Catino


As a student with the UT Online High School, Chris Catino is able to create his own schedule. This flexibility allows him to conduct marine biology research, work as a scuba-diving instructor’s assistant, and volunteer with Meals on Wheels.

K-16 Education Center goes extra mile to help high school students graduate on time

K-16's Erin Connolly prepares to process exams returned from schools.


Every graduation season, the K-16 Education Center goes into overdrive to ease the way for high school seniors to graduate on time. “The phone never stops ringing starting in April up through June,” says Erin Connolly. “We often go outside our usual process to help these students."

Vietnamese students benefit from UT Online High School

Tran My Liem and Le Bao Hoang


The Online High School partners with a school in Vietnam to offer online courses to its students. Students Tran My Liem and Le Bao Hoang answer a few of our questions about their experiences.

Emily Stockton prepares to graduate from CIE’s Online High School

Emily Stockton


Before Emily Stockton reaches for her goal of becoming an opera singer, she will graduate in June from CIE's UT Online High School.

Colleen Wells gets ahead with UT Online High School

Colleen Wells, student of UT Online High School


Colleen Wells is a highly-motivated, advanced student enrolled in UT’s Online High School. Her motivation comes from a great eagerness to learn, to achieve good grades, and to excel in school so that “all of my higher education options are open to me.”