:: 2014 AP* Summer Institutes at UT Austin

AP English Language and Composition for New AP Teachers

Institute Code AP14014
June 23 - 26, 2014, 8:00AM to 4:45PM
UT Thompson Conference Center

This class has reached maximum enrollment and registration is now closed.

This AP English Language and Composition session for New AP Teachers will focus on providing participants with the strategies, techniques, and content necessary to design a college-level course in rhetoric and argumentation. Participants will learn key strategies for critical reading and analysis of nonfiction, including the key aspects of employing the Aristotelian Triad and the canons of rhetoric. Since the primary purpose of the course is to emphasize academic writing as well as reflective writing, participants will receive several ideas for different kinds of writing exercises and writing assignments, with a focus on the Toulmin model of developing an argument. A simulated reading of the 2014 questions will be conducted, and participants will receive sample student papers and strategies for using those samples for instructional purposes.

The goals of the four-day session are to assist participants in achieving the following:

  • Identifying the skills and concepts necessary for success in AP English Language and Composition
  • Incorporating nonfiction to develop rhetorical reading skills
  • Designing and implementing an academic writing program, with a focus on argumentation
  • Implementing key learner-based discussion strategies to develop confidence and improve college-level reading and writing success
  • Developing strategies to achieve synthesis

Participants should bring the following:

  • Sticky notes
  • Pens/pencils

Lead Consultant: Teri Marshall

Dr. Teri Marshall currently teaches ninth grade English and AP English Language at Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas, where she also serves as English Department Chair K-12 and AP English Vertical Team Leader. Next year marks forty years that Teri has been an educator, and she has been a Pre-AP/AP instructor and consultant for the College Board for nineteen years. She is the primary author of the College Board’s national workshop Pre-AP: Setting the Cornerstones for the AP Vertical Team, and she has been a reader, table leader, and exam leader for the AP English Language exam since 2004. In addition, Teri is a member of the College Board AP English Language Development Committee. She is an active member of several national organizations, and she served as President of the Texas Council of Teachers of English from 1997-98. In 1997, Teri received the AP Special Recognition Award for English.

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