:: 2014 AP* Summer Institutes at UT Austin

AP Latin

Institute Code AP14035
July 28 - 31, 2014, 8AM to 4:45PM
UT Thompson Conference Center

This class has reached maximum enrollment and registration is now closed.

This workshop will help prepare both new and experienced AP Latin teachers to teach the new AP Latin course. We will focus on Caesar’s Gallic War and the new sections of Vergil’s Aeneid. We will review the new syllabus and curriculum framework, share strategies for structuring the course, and discuss ways to develop vertical team practices in Latin.

We will devote extra time to two aspects of the course that are crucial to student success on the exam and in developing Latin reading skills in general: literal translation and the essential questions/themes of essay writing. We will also review the scoring of the 2014 AP Latin exam. Participants will gain insight into how the exam is constructed and scored, with particular emphasis on understanding the learning objectives behind the question types.

Participants should bring:

  • A sample exercise they have found useful (and students enjoyed) in AP Latin (or an advanced/intermediate course)
  • A Latin/English dictionary
  • A laptop
  • A copy of their syllabus (if they are already teaching the course)

Lead Consultant: Bob Cape

Dr. Robert Cape is Professor of Classics at Austin College, Sherman, Texas. He is Chief Reader of the AP Latin exam and has served on the AP Latin Development Committee and as a Reader and Table Leader for a decade. Professor Cape’s areas of research include Roman political speech and social values, women in antiquity, Latin pedagogy, and the classical world in modern film and science fiction. He has received national awards for teaching and research from the American Philological Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Dr. Cape has worked closely with Latin teachers for over thirty years.

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