:: 2013 AP* Summer Institutes at UT Austin

AP Chemistry for Experienced AP Teachers
Institute Code AP13009

This institute is full and closed for registration.

The A. P. Chemistry institute is designed for AP Chemistry teachers with more than two years of experience teaching AP Chemistry. Topics to be presented will include

  • • atomic structure, periodicity, and bonding
  • • kinetics
  • • equilibrium
  • • thermodynamics
  • • acid-base chemistry
  • • electrochemistry
Each of these topics will be covered with the AP Chemistry Framework as a basis of discussion. The 6 Big Ideas of the new Framework will be the basis for the institute. Much of our time will concentrate on laboratory activities, with an emphasis on analysis of data. Opportunities to use CBL equipment will be provided. Participants should bring a lap top, calculators, goggles and wear appropriate lab apparel on Monday – Thursday.

Lead Consultant: Valerie Ferguson Valerie Ferguson received her B. S. degree in Science Education in 1986 from the University of Central Oklahoma. She has taught in the Moore Public School system since then. Since 1992 she has been at Moore High School teaching high school chemistry, Pre-AP high school chemistry, and Advanced Placement chemistry. She has served as Head of the Science Department since 1995. She has worked on various committees at Moore High School. She is the Vertical Team Leader for Moore High School and associated junior high schools.

Mrs. Ferguson is also active in several professional organizations. She was Co-Organizer of the “Teaching A. P. Chemistry” symposium at the 14th Biennial Conference on Chemistry Education sponsored by the American Chemical Society in Clemson, S. C. in 1996. She has served as the Coordinator of the National Chemistry Week activities for the Oklahoma Section of the American Chemical Society from 1996 to 2005. She served as the 2000 and later the 2005 Chair of the Oklahoma Section of ACS. She has served as a Board Member of the Oklahoma Science Teachers’ Association from 1997 to 2004. She is a Past President of OSTA.

She was a Co-Organizer of the Chemistry Educators of Oklahoma in 1997 through 2000, a statewide organization for chemistry teachers. She has organized the free AP Review for students and teachers across most of the state for ten years.

Mrs. Ferguson served on the Oklahoma Teacher Collaborative which developed some suggestions for criteria for science coursework for pre-service elementary teachers. She has served on the Chemistry Oklahoma Subject Area Test to select and modify items for the pre-service teacher exams in Oklahoma.

Mrs. Ferguson has served as a Reader for the AP Chemistry exam since 1998. She served as a Table Leader since 2006. Mrs. Ferguson has served as a consultant for the Southwest Regional Office since 1998. She has presented numerous one-day and two-day conferences and week-long summer institutes for new and experienced high school teachers.

Participants should be aware there is a 20 minute walk from Lot 40 to the classroom location in Welch Hall or you may take the 40 Acres Shuttle. If participants would like to pay to park on campus the San Antonio and San Jacinto Garages are both near Welch Hall.

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