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Attending an AP Summer Institute provides the most thorough training, insight and strategy for educating AP students than any other professional development opportunity available for AP teachers - no matter their level of experience. Come to a UT Austin APSI and gain insight on ways to breathe new life into your lesson plans, hear from UT professors, analyze student samples, visit UT campus resources, discuss and work through classroom and curriculum challenges with your peers as well as a College Board certified consultants. Spend four days on the UT campus and get inspired and prepared for a great school year!


Have a question? Please give us a call at the main line of the Thompson Conference Center, 512-471-3121 or send us an email at apsi@austin.utexas.edu. During the summer institutes, we will have a help desk located in the lobby of the Thompson Conference Center every morning and every afternoon during lunch. UT staff will be popping in and out of your classrooms through out the week that you are here. Our offices are located just off of the main lobby of the Thompson Conference Center, so please feel free to stop by!


Even if you or your district or school complete online registration through this website, you will not be enrolled into an institute until payment in full or a Purchase Order (PO) has been received by our office. Some institutes will fill quickly. If your school or school district is paying for your registration, it is important that you check with them, as well as UT, to make sure your payment has been received prior to the start of your institute. Please do not make travel arrangements until you know that your registration has been paid for and that registration is complete.


UT will send invoices, receipts, updates and reminders about your institute via email. This means it is extremely important that we have an email address on file for you that you check on a regular basis during the school year AND during the summer. You can email us at apsi@austin.utexas.edu OR call the Thompson Conference Center at 512-471-3121 and check to see what address is on file for your registration.


It is imperative that you check your institute’s course description on this website for information on what to bring to your institute. This information may be periodically updated so be sure to check it close to your institute start date. To find your course description, use the left menu to go to the “Summer Institute Courses” portion of our page and click on your subject area to get to your individual course description.

Bring your readiness to participate, share and meet fellow educators! One of the BEST things about attending an APSI is getting to hear from and work with others.

If your registration is complete and you have paid in full, you will receive a reminder email from us two weeks before the start of your institute to the email address you provided during the registration process that will also contain this information.

Dress: Very casual. Dress for comfort. While it will be hot outside, the buildings may be chilly. Prepare accordingly by bringing sweaters or other clothes to layer. Comfortable shoes are also a good idea.


For free parking, please park in the Thompson Conference Center parking lot, called Lot 40, which is at the corner of Dean Keeton and Red River Street, located directly behind the Thompson Conference Center. If you are attending an institute that meets in a science lab or an art studio, please be prepared to walk 10 - 15 minutes from Lot 40 to get to your classroom. There is a shuttle available, but the shuttle pick up spot is still about 2 blocks away from the Thompson Conference Center.

Discounted rates are available to any participants who must pay to park in Manor Garage; see the conference services office to receive a coupon.

You are welcome to park in any garage on campus, should you prefer. But please understand that the only free parking available to you on campus is in Lot 40.


The University of Texas is one of the largest universities in the country. Please bear this in mind, as most institutes at some point do have to walk (with a UT staff person as a guide) to a computer lab, a museum, an art studio or a science lab. If you’re taking a fine arts institute, then you will be taking a 10 minute walk to lunch every day.

UT Austin has an air conditioned shuttle system which your UT guide will use to get you to most museums and science labs. Even with that system, there is a two block walk to get to the shuttle, and a little bit of a walk involved to get to any location on campus. It will be hot outside. Allow yourself extra time so you can take your time getting to these locations.

Please let us know if you need special assistance via email, apsi@austin.utexas.edu or by calling the Thompson Conference Center, 512-471-3121.


You can purchase Internet through the AT&T Wireless network in the Thompson Conference Center for $4.99 a day. Unless otherwise instructed by your institute’s consultant, we ask that you please refrain from being on the Internet during class time and give your full attention to the content of the class. There are specified times in some institutes when class work will take place in a computer lab with Internet.

We ask out of courtesy for your classmates and your consultant that you please quiet your cell phones during the class day and refrain from texting as much as possible. If you have a phone call that you must take, please step outside the classroom before answering your phone.


All Pre-AP* and AP* institutes meet Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Monday morning: Please allow yourself extra time on this first day to find your classroom. Please be aware that the UT Austin campus is large. Those participants walking from Lot 40 to the Art Building or a science lab must be prepared for a 15 - 20 minute walk. On Monday morning, please meet in the Thompson Conference Center lobby and UT staff will guide you to your studio or lab at 7:30AM. Grab some coffee, a piece of fruit or a pastry from room 1.122 and report directly to your institute by 8 a.m. UT staff will be at the front desk in the lobby to answer any questions. There is not a large group introductory meeting. If you are properly registered, your name will be on the institute roster. If you are not on the roster, you should contact the Thompson Conference Center office immediately (512-471-3121) or speak with UT staff at the lobby desk.

Monday – Thursday: There is a 10 - 15 minute break each morning and afternoon, which will be given at the discretion of your workshop consultant. The institute also breaks for lunch, which will be provided. A complimentary light breakfast is available before the start of each class day at 7:30AM. You will be asked to sign in every morning and every afternoon so UT staff can keep track of your hours towards certification.

AP certified consultants will lead you through discussion of challenges and best practices, the latest AP exam samples, curriculum planning and group projects. Some institutes will also visit museums and libraries on campus. Some institutes will have guest speakers from UT Austin and other local organizations.

If you have to leave during the institute, that is OK with us, but please check out with the Thompson Conference Center reception desk off of the main lobby of the Thompson Conference Center before you go, and check back in when you return. Please understand that if you are not here for the full 30 hours of course work, you will not receive a certificate of completion. Instead, you will receive a letter on UT letterhead confirming the number of hours you did complete.

Thursday: Along with finishing course content, course evaluations will be conducted on Thursday afternoon. Certificates and letters will also be distributed based on attendance.

There are no make up sessions available for an AP Summer Institute. Please make appropriate travel arrangements based on the schedule, Monday through Thursday, 8AM to 4:45PM. If you would like to receive a certificate of completion, you must attend the entirety of the four day institute.


UT provides pastries, fruit and coffee each morning from 7:15AM to 8:30AM in room 1.122 on the first floor, a 45 minute lunch break in our cafe. We do not have any way to refrigerate or heat food that you bring with you. The café is open from 7:30AM until 3:00PM should you want additional snacks, sodas or coffee during the training day. If you have special dietary needs, please ask the cafe staff about your food options.


Most consultants have their own websites, and most will share their email addresses with their classes. We encourage you to trade email addresses with other participants (that are willing, of course!). Continue to use each other as a resource well beyond APSI 2015. UT will send you a survey in the fall to see how your school year is going. Check the resource page on this website for information on resources on and off campus.

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