:: Winter Workshop 2015: Benchmarks for Success

AP* English Language and Composition January Workshop: Benchmarks for Success
January 24, 2015 from 8:45AM to 1:30PM
UT Thompson Conference Center

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$79 General Registration
$69 for UT Austin APSI 2014 Participants (UT Austin staff will verify your registration.)

Strategize for the rest of your school year in a workshop focused on your specialty, earn CPEs at a convenient location with affordable pricing and network with other AP* English Language and Composition teachers in the area.

This workshop will offer sessions from three AP English Language and Composition experts, Sandra Coker, Jennifer Troy and Beth Priem, as well as the chance to engage in a moderated panel with time for your questions.

Workshop Sessions:

Analysis Success
Presented by Sandra Coker

  • Recognizing satire
  • Critical reading and finding meaning in complex texts
  • Developing strategies for analytic writing
  • Using templates for effective introductions

Argument Success
Presented by Jennifer Troy

  • Navigating complex prompts
  • Organizing the argument essay
  • Generating evidence

Multiple Choice Success
Presented by Beth Priem

  • Acquiring critical reading strategies for approaching multiple choice passages
  • Furthering test taking skills
  • Working collaboratively to understand why answers are correct or incorrect

In each session, participants will receive classroom ready lessons for teaching strategies.

Panel Discussion: “Prescription for Pushing Up Your Score”

Participants will receive “prescriptions” for pushing up their students’ scores on the synthesis, rhetorical analysis, and argument questions. These “do’s” and “don’ts” may be thought of as easy “remedies” for correcting common errors and increasing students’ scores. Sandra Coker, Jennifer Troy and Beth Priem will each expand on one of the discussion topics, synthesis, rhetorical analysis, and argument, as well as answer questions from the audience.

We would like to take this opportunity to gather some questions from you in advance. If you have a question about synthesis, rhetorical analysis or argument sections of the AP exam that would appeal to a general audience of AP English Language Teachers, please submit your questions by clicking the below link.

Click here to submit your questions!

Panel Moderator: Jerry Brown

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