:: 2015 AP* Summer Institutes at UT Austin

AP Music Theory

Institute Code AP15037
July 27 - 30, 2015, 8:00AM to 4:45PM
UT Thompson Conference Center

This workshop will focus on teaching strategies designed to help students develop an understanding of the materials and processes of music. Special emphasis will be given to creating a curriculum employing techniques and activities similar to those presented in the vertical teams guide for music theory published by the College Board. Significant critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills will be fostered. Discussions will make direct reference to the national AP Music Theory examination. Suggested materials and resources for teaching AP Music Theory will be introduced and teaching techniques will be demonstrated throughout the workshop.

Topics will include the following:

  • Visual and aural analysis, sight-singing, melodic and harmonic dictation and composition
  • Synthesis of musical knowledge into practical and usable musical understanding, especially with regard to music of the common practice period

Lead Consultant: Terry Eder

Dr. Terry Eder is a choral conductor and music teacher with over 35 years of experience at both the college and secondary levels. He is currently the music theory teacher at Plano Senior High School in Plano, Texas, where he teaches AP Music Theory. He also serves as master teacher for the O’Donnell Foundation’s Creating Schools of Excellence in the Arts grant program involving ten high school music theory programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. He is a College Board Consultant and has presented at many AP summer institutes and two-day workshops. He also serves as a question leader in the reading of the AP Music Theory exam each summer. Dr. Eder has also developed a one-day workshop on vertical teams in music theory for the College Board, has written an article on strategies for dealing with the sight-singing portion of the AP exam, and has presented an online professional development session entitled, “Sight Singing and Its Influence on Melodic and Harmonic Dictation.” He is currently co-chair of the College Board AP Music Theory development committee and serves as a member of the Music Writing Team for National Standards in the Arts. He holds a BME and an MME from Texas Christian University and a DMA in choral conducting from the University of Oklahoma.

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