:: 2015 AP* Summer Institutes at UT Austin

Pre-AP High School Math

Institute Code AP15006
June 8 - 11, 2015, 8:00AM to 4:45PM
UT Thompson Conference Center

This Pre-AP High School Mathematics For New and Experienced Pre-AP Teachers workshop will examine the level of rigor and skills needed to prepare students for success in AP courses. We will make connections between Pre-AP mathematics and AP Calculus and Statistics, look at algebra skills needed for success in calculus, and discuss numerous strategies for strengthening Pre-AP programs.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify and enhance the level of rigor on assignments, assessments, and EOC style questions
  • Deepen the understanding of Pre-AP mathematics by applying the Rule of Four in lesson delivery and assessment
  • Enhance Pre-AP mathematics content by previewing the calculus ideas of limit, rate, accumulation, and optimization at the Pre-AP level
  • Create AP-style assessments

Participants should bring:

  • A favorite lesson to share. Teachers will share lessons with other workshop participants.
  • A graphing calculator (if available).
  • Textbooks using next year.

Lead Consultant: Robert Cole

Robert Cole has presented at numerous APSIs and College Board One-Day, Two-Day and Mathematics Vertical Teams workshops. A veteran of over 30 years in the public schools, Robert has taught everything from 7th grade math to calculus, including below-level, on-level, Pre-AP, G/T and AP classes. His teaching assignments at Hill Country Christian School of Austin and Odyssey School in Austin include Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus and AP Calculus AB.

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