:: 2013 AP* Summer Institutes at UT Austin

Pre-AP Middle School English for New Pre-AP Teachers
Institute Code AP13017
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Course participants will participate in Pre-AP and AP strategies through hands-on activities for all facets of middle school and high school English/Language Arts through a variety of mini-lessons that include analysis, grammar, writing, research, technology, and projects. Teachers will have the opportunity during training to adapt and integrate these strategies into existing scopes and sequences as well as individual lesson plans. Teachers will discover techniques to get varied sentence structure in student writing by understanding the basic concepts of syntactical and diction analysis through several assorted activities. They will also uncover methods of assisting students in mastery of writing and analysis techniques. Teachers will also have the opportunity to integrate different methods of technology into their Pre-AP/AP courses. ThIS APSI is designed to assist teachers through interactive applications of concepts as well as sample lessons to assist in implementation.

    What to bring:
  • Computer
  • List of literary and non-fiction selections you teach
  • List of novels you teach
  • Copy of your school/department scope and sequence
  • Copy of TEKS or state curriculum standards
  • Post-it notes
  • Note pad
  • High-lighter
  • Lesson plan book or lesson plan template on computer

Lead Consultant: Kristina Janeway Pre-AP, GT, and PSAT/Pre-AP English teacher at Terra Vista Middle School. She has had eighteen years of experience working with gifted and talented as well as Pre-AP and AP students in the West Texas area. Kristina has also worked with full-inclusion students throughout her career. She has written curriculum for grades seven through twelve, designed an academic vocabulary course for the high school, designed a Pre-AP/PSAT English course for eighth graders, designed a SAT/ACT course for seventh graders in the Duke University Talent Search Program, and designed the seventh and eighth grade GT course. Kristina has presented at numerous conferences, districts, and Advanced Placement Summer Institutes in various states and universities while working as a consultant for the College Board for the last ten years. Kristina has also present at the National College Board Conference twice. She has completed a Master’s degree in Education Administration and holds a Principal’s certificate. Kristina was the recipient of the Frank and Nancy Newton’s Excellence in Education Award from the Beaumont Foundation in 2010.

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