:: Register for AP* Summer Institutes at UT Austin


1. Registrants are placed on the official institute roster in the order of payment or purchase order for payment received. Registration will close for the AP English Language and Composition January Workshop: Benchmarks for Success when the class reaches 220 paid registrants or 12PM on Friday, January 16th, whichever comes fist.

2. Review registration fees and costs on our overview and policies pages. the AP English Language and Composition January Workshop: Benchmarks for Success is $79, or $69 for any 2014 APSI attendee, and includes all pertinent subject specific College Board materials, handouts and materials specific to your class, parking at the Thompson Conference Center, light breakfast and a snack. Lodging and transportation are not included in the registration fee. PLEASE NOTE: If your school has a remaining balance on a Purchase Order from APSI 2014, we will only accept credit cards as payment until the remaining balance from APSI 2014 has been received.

3. Review policies on attendance, cancelations, workshop closure and substitutions on our policies page.

4. Call or email the UT Austin APSI Program at the Thompson Conference Center with any questions, 512-471-3121 or apsi@austin.utexas.edu. We are happy to help you!

5. PLEASE read these important pieces of information before registering:

  • When you register, please provide us with an email address that you check regularly. We send important information by email that we want to make sure you receive before you get to campus.
  • If your school or school district is paying for your registration, it is very important that during the registration process, you provide us with the contact information of a school administrator, and their email address and phone number. We will send you and your school administrator an invoice for payment by email. We will need a phone number for them so we can ask them follow up questions if necessary.
  • You are not enrolled in the workshop until UT Austin has received a copy of a Purchase Order or payment in full. No exception. If you are in doubt about whether or not UT has received payment and the status of your enrollment, please call the Thompson Conference Center and we can confirm that for you.
  • If your school is submitting a Purchase Order for payment, actual payment is due on or before the day you arrive for the workshop.
  • If you are registering more than one person, our staff will have to enter this data manually. Please see the form listed below in number 6.

6. Click Here to Register!

  • Do you need to register multiple participants? Please use this form to submit registration information. Our staff will register these individuals manually. We will send you a receipt or invoice once we have entered all information. Please call our office at the Thompson Conference Center with any questions, (512) 471-3121.
  • Mailing or Faxing Your Registration If you do not want to submit your registration online, but mail or fax in your registration, click the “Register!” link above, pick out the institute you are interested in attending and then click “Check Out” in the upper right corner, there is an option to print your registration form at the top of the page, to the left. When we receive your registration, we will manually enter it and email you and your school administrator either a receipt or an invoice, depending on whether we received payment from you along with your registration.

Please send to:

Thompson Conference Center – APSI Program
P.O. Box 7879
Austin, TX 78713

If you are sending payment with your registration, do not send cash in the mail. If you are using a Purchase Order, please send a copy of the Purchase Order. Make checks payable to “The University of Texas at Austin.”

Fax: (512) 232-7033. Include Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card number and expiration date, or a copy of a Purchase Order.

8. Receive confirmation of registration via email. You and your school contact should receive this confirmation within a few minutes of completing the online registration process.

9. Receive invoice or receipt via email. Once your registration has been processed by our staff, we will send an invoice for payment or a receipt via email showing payment has been received, if you paid online with a credit card. Please call or email our office at the Thompson Conference Center, 512-471-3121 or apsi@austin.utexas.edu if you do not receive an invoice or a receipt within 48 hours of registration. As the workshop date draws near, and/or as the workshop becomes close to filling with 220 participants, we will send reminder emails and resend invoices to those registrants that are still unpaid.

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