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What is webcasting?

Webcasting is the method of broadcasting live audio and video in real-time, to audiences all over the world via the Internet. Using streaming media, there is no need to download the content before viewing.

Capabilities of Thompson Conference Center webcasting?

  • Records, delivers, archives and manages your multimedia presentations with a single, unified system

  • Streams live and on-demand, plus podcasts so users can tune in when it’s most convenient

  • Provides all the tools to schedule, organize, index, customize, secure and track content

  • Tracks all viewing activity and system use allowing you to analyze trends for improved learning outcomes, increased performance or program effectiveness

  • Accommodates any combination of presentation sources – audio, video, laptop, tablet, e-board, document camera, projector, digital instrumentation

  • Integrates with existing educational technology and AV systems to capture presentations in any room where teaching, training or meetings occur

  • Offers multiple deployment models so you can pick what works best for you – on-premise, hosting services or blended

    For more information on TCC webcasting services, please contact Charlie Saenz, Assistant Technical Services Manager, 512-471-2909.

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