:: Citations - Dallas

March 2004 to March 2005 Top Ten Citations for the Dallas, Texas Field Office

01)   56.12004   Electrical conductors
Electrical conductors shall be of a sufficient size and current-carrying capacity to ensure that a rise in temperature resulting from normal operations will not damage the insulating materials. Electrical conductors exposed to mechanical damage shall be protected.
70 citations issued during reporting period.

02)   56.14107A   Moving machine parts
Moving machine parts shall be guarded to protect persons from contacting gears, sprockets, chains, drive, head, tail, and takeup pulleys, flywheels, couplings, shafts, fan blades, and similar moving parts that can cause injury.
65 citations issued during reporting period.

03)   56.12032   Inspection and cover plates
Inspection and cover plates on electrical equipment and junction boxes shall be kept in place at all times except during testing or repairs.
61 citations issued during reporting period.

04)   56.14132A   Horns and backup alarms-(a)
Manually-operated horns or other audible warning devices provided on self-propelled mobile equipment as a safety feature shall be maintained in functional condition.
51 citations issued during reporting period.

05)   56.14101A2   Brakes-(a)  Minimum requirements.  (2)
If equipped on self-propelled mobile equipment, parking brakes shall be capable of holding the equipment with its typical load on the maximum grade it travels.
36 citations issued during reporting period.

06)   47.41000A   Requirement for container labels-(a)
The operator must ensure that each container of a hazardous chemical has a label. If a container is tagged or marked with the appropriate information, it is labeled.
24 citations issued during reporting period.

07)   56.12008   Insulation and fittings for power wires and cables
Power wires and cables shall be insulated adequately where they pass into or out of electrical compartments. Cables shall enter metal frames of motors, splice boxes, and electrical compartments only through proper fittings. When insulated wires, other than cables, pass through metal frames, the holes shall be substantially bushed with insulated bushings.
23 citations issued during reporting period.

08)   56.04200B2   General requirements-FIREFIGHTING EQUIPMENT (b)
This onsite firefighting equipment shall be(2) Strategically located, readily accessible, plainly marked, and maintained in fire-ready condition.
21 citations issued during reporting period.

09)   62.12   Action Level
If during any work shift a miner's noise exposure equals or exceeds the action level the mine operator must enroll the miner in a hearing conservation program that complies with ß 62.150 of this part.
17 citations issued during reporting period.

10)   56.20003A   Housekeeping
At all mining operations-- (a) Workplaces, passageways, storerooms, and service rooms shall be kept clean and orderly
17 citations issued during reporting period.