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The Health and Safety Training Center conducts Compliance Assistance Visits (CAV) at the request of the mine operator. The primary purpose for the visit is so that the mine operator will be better informed of unsafe conditions/behaviors that could be immediately corrected.

Upon request a trainer will schedule a CAV visit.  The trainers will not be liable for issues discussed in conjunction with the CAV. At no time will any of the information revealed during the CAV be transpired to anyone other than those involved in the CAV, being only the trainers and the mine personnel where the CAV is taking place. All feedback will be oral. There will be no written documents by the Health and Safety Training Center trainer; however, the mine representative will be urged to write down the trainer’s findings/recommendations for future actions.

The following topics will be explored but the scope of a CAV will vary to accommodate each mine specifically:

1. Miscellaneous iron installations (guards, walkways, stairways, etc.);
2. Equipment with moving parts (conveyor belts, crushers, screens, etc.);
3. Mobile equipment (trucks, loaders, etc.);
4. Proposed plans and designs;
5. Planned training; and,
6. Other areas as appropriate

Compliance Assistance Visits are scheduled on a first come first serve basis to mine operators. Scheduled CAV’s will cost $675.00 for up to an 8 hour visit.

The Health and Safety Training Center trainers will do their best to identify safety violations related to the mine’s operation; however, the CAV in no way exempts the mine site from receiving a citation for any safety violation, whether or not they were discussed during a CAV.

To request a Compliance Assistance Visit, please visit our Request Onsite Training page. Select the type of MSHA operation you are classified as (Part 46 or 48) and fill out the request form completely.  This form will be submitted directly to our program and we will be in contact soon after to confirm your request.

You may contact us at 512-232-1952 if you need further assistance.

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