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South Central District Thomas M. Drury Contractor in Mining Safety Award Program


The mining industry is comprised of dedicated men and women who spend careers providing raw materials used in every major industry in the United States. Dedicated employees, along with their employers, have worked endlessly through the years to build industries that are the most efficient, productive, and safest in the world.

In recent years, independent contractors have been called upon to do more and more of the tasks once accomplished by employees of the mining companies. The employees of independent contractors, and the contracters themselves, make up a vast demographic in mining who are equally dedicated to performing quality, safe work at our nation’s mines.

Recognizing the role that independent contractors play in modern day mining, a leading group of safety professionals in the South Central district have established an award to thank Independent Mining Contractors who have achieved excellence in miners’ safety and health.

Mr. Tomas M. Drury, President and CEO of Bloomsdale Excavating, an independent contractor, entered into partnership with the MSHA South Central District Manager on April 18, 2006. Mr. Drury become the first independent contractor to partner with MSHA in the United States. This award was named in his honor.

Criteria for nomination are as follows:

  • The Independent Mining Contractor must have reported their working hours to MSHA for the qualifying four quarters.
  • The Independent Mining Contractor must have achieved zero injuries and industrial illnesses for the qualifying time period.

Award Categories

In order to help Independent Mining Contractors of all sizes, the following award categories have been established. A total of three awards will be issued each year.

  • Small Contractor: for contractors with 1-25,000 reported mine work hours
  • Medium Contractor: 25,001-100,000 reported mine work hours
  • Large Contractors: 100,001-infinity reported mine work hours

Nomination Form

Please fill out the nomination form in full, then either fax or email the form to the contact name on the form.

The presentation for the award will be at the South Central District Conference in March of each year. The conference location rotates around the district each year. Please see the conference page for the current year’s location.

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