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DVD Lending Library

DVD Loan Procedures
The DVD library is for you — the small mine operator and your employees. These DVDs can be used in the safety training programs you provide your employees.

How to Borrow
DVDs can be borrowed using our DVD Lending Library Request Form, which is to be signed and dated by the requester. You can email or fax your request to us at: hstc@austin.utexas.edu or (fax) 512-232-2242.

DVD rental is free of charge and you are only required to pay for shipping and handling charges incurred. Payment for S&H must be made before we mail your request to you. Upon receipt of your DVD Request, we will send you an invoice by email with payment information.

DVDs are loaned on a first come, first served basis as there are limited quantities. An early request will increase the chance of availability. Please allow us at least seven days to get your requested DVDs to you.

You can request up to three (3) DVDs at a time and keep them for up to one (1) week. The DVD Lending Library Request Form and Lending Policy will be mailed to you with the DVDs. Please note: The due date shown on the request form is the date the DVDs are due in Austin.

How to Return
Re-package the DVDs and mail back to us at the address below. Please return in the manner it was sent to you, with some form of tracking information.

UPS or Fed Ex
The University of Texas at Austin
Health and Safety Training Center
10100 Burnet Road, Building 33
Austin, TX 78758

US Mail
The University of Texas at Austin
Health and Safety Training Center
P.O. Box 7518
Austin, TX 78713-7518

Copyright regulations allow us to provide you with safety training DVDs as long as they are not copied or shown for a fee. Thank you for your cooperation and participation.

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