:: On-Site Training Requirements

On-Site Training Requirements

Please allow at least 3 weeks lead time before you are due for your training. As MSHA’s State Grantee for Texas, we must operate on a first come – first serve basis; therefore we cannot guarantee or confirm your training date(s) until we have first received your completed training request form. Before scheduling a training make sure to have the following items as they will make the process go smoothly:

  • No more than 25 students per training day, for Annual Refresher Training courses. If your facility has more than 25 students, please schedule multiple trainings.
  • No more than 12 students per training day for First Aid/CPR and New Miner Training courses. In order for us to comply with regulations, we will need to adhere to this requirement. If your facility has more than 12 employees requiring training, you will need to schedule an additional training session 4-hour First Aid/CPR course, or for New Miner Training you can add an extra half-day to accommodate another 4-hour First Aid/CPR course..
  • Training Plan with each of our trainers listed as either a competent person or an MSHA Approved Instructor for the subjects needing (not including anything related to site specific training or changes at the mine). Part 48 facilities will need to have the training plan approved by MSHA before the training can be conducted. The University of Texas Mine Safety and Health Program will require a copy of the training plan to keep on file for auditing purposes and to ensure that your are receiving the proper training. If you do not have a training plan, please visit MSHA Training Plan Advisor
  • Adequate room/space for the amount of miners you need trained. Students learn best when they are learning in a comfortable environment. If your site does not have the room to do the training, please feel free to reserve a room at a nearby hotel, church, chamber of commerce, hall, fire station, restaurant or etc.
  • If you want an excellent presentation on the requirements of Part 46, the NSSGA has a great presentation here.

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