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Notes/Programs/Policy Updates

Education Field Service Notes

See MSHA–Directorate of Educational and Policy Development information on:

  • The latest products being offered by the National Mine Academy
  • Holmes Safety Bulletins
  • State Grants Programs Information
  • Accident Prevention Program

    Here are some information links going directly to sections of the MSHA web site. These two links provide information on MSHA’s Accident Prevention Program.

    They provide good safety practices to be followed. This information will be helpful in your training sessions with the new as well as current employees.

    Accident Prevention Program

    Policy Update Information

    Do you want to know what the latest version of the regulations in 30 CFR are? Do you want to know what the latest Federal registers are all about? Do you need to update your Program Policy Manual?

    Click the MSHA - Statutory and Regulatory Information link for the latest information on:

  • 30 CFR
  • The Program Policy Manual
  • The Program Policy Letters
  • Federal Register documents
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