:: Former UEX Students Offer Advice

Posted: February 14, 2012

UEX Online Students Offer Advice

The best advice comes from those with first-hand knowledge and experience. Take a look at what former University Extension (UEX) students have to say about being successful in a self-paced online course.

Photo of Nadia Mhatey Photo of Baron Barrera Photo of Kirsten Greene Photo of Dan Halverstadt Jamie Sauer
These students took self-paced online courses with UEX. Click each
photo to read their stories and advice for other students.

Tips for Success in Self-paced Online Courses

  • Nadia Mhatey tells students starting a self-paced online course for the first time:
    “Expect to apply the same effort usually put into a classroom course. UEX self-paced online classes are very flexible, as far as scheduling, but the amount of work is the same.”
  • Baron Barrera advises students:
    “Build a relationship with your instructor.”
  • Kirsten Greene says:
    “Review for exams, go over your previous assignments and don’t forget to check for feedback from your instructor.”
  • Dan Halverstadt recommends:
    “Make yourself a timeline for completing your coursework. No one likes the pressure of having too much work and not enough time.”
  • Jamie Sauer expands upon the idea of creating a timeline and suggests:
    “Write down due dates for assignments and exams. This will help keep you on-track.”

Advising is available year round for anyone with questions about how to add UEX course options to their educational plans. UEX encourages you to consult with our advisor, Dr. Mike Raney.

Self-paced Online Courses

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