:: Student Spotlight: Alecia Burdick

Photo of Alecia Burdick
Alecia Burdick plans to add
a Real Estate Certificate
to her economics degree
to aid her career in
commercial real estate.

Posted: February 24, 2014

Finance Course Serves as a Stepping Stone on the Path to a Real Estate Career

The world of real estate will soon be getting a new voice for buyers and tenants. Alecia Burdick, a University of Texas at Austin graduate with a degree in economics, is completing the Undergraduate Real Estate (URE) Certificate Program offered by the McCombs School of Business to non-business students and she knows exactly where she is heading with her career. Burdick will be following her dream to work in Real Estate and become a Tenant Representative, an individual that represents tenants in the process of buying, selling, and leasing commercial office space.

Although she is close to realizing her goal, the path to complete the program was not always straight or easy. While still taking courses full-time as an undergraduate, she took a part-time internship at a local commercial real estate firm, KMD Studley. In addition to her internship and her normal course load, Burdick also had to take specific finance course prerequisites before applying to the URE certificate program. Because she already had a busy schedule, Burdick was pleased to discover that University Extension (UEX) offers one of the required prerequisite courses, FIN 320F - Foundations of Finance, as either an evening classroom or online course each semester.

“I was taking classes and working part time at my internship. It was important to me to maintain my hours at work, and night classes at UEX made that possible,” Burdick explains.

Burdick took Foundations of Finance in the evenings during the Fall 2013 semester. She appreciated the small class size, which allowed for highly interactive class discussions and collaboration on projects. Burdick graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the university’s College of Liberal Arts in December of 2013. She has just two additional classes to take to complete the URE this year.

For others considering taking courses with UEX, Burdick says, “If you need flexibility, you can’t go wrong with UEX.”

UEX offers evening classroom and online courses in several business subjects, including courses required to earn the Business Foundations Certificate. To see course options and register, check out our courses lists for semester courses and self-paced online courses.

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