:: Spotlight: Allan Nelson

Photo of Allan Nelson
Allan Nelson is taking courses
with UEX to finish his degree
faster and experience the
quality of UT Austin courses
and faculty.
Posted: October 8, 2012

Allan Nelson Works to Complete Undergraduate Degree with UEX Core Curriculum

Forty years ago, when Allan Nelson graduated from high school in Minnesota, he didn’t feel a need to go on to college. He had received training in both wood and metal working, which provided practical job skills and fed his desire for creative expression. Eventually, Allan earned a technical degree in Electromechanical Technology, which he currently uses in his manufacturing career in Austin’s semiconductor industry.

With the economic downturn and the always unpredictable nature of the semiconductor market, Allan decided to return to school for a bachelor’s degree. He began an inverted degree program at St. Edward’s University, and shortly after starting the program, he learned about University Extension (UEX). Discovering that UEX offered face-to-face courses that met evenings on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin, Allan immediately enrolled in UEX so he could attend classes after work.

Allan registered for E 316K — Masterworks of Literature: American over the summer semester. The course was taught by Professor Wayne Lesser from the university’s Department of English. Allan recalls, “I was apprehensive about taking a course at UEX, not really knowing what to expect, but the professor was personable and created a comfortable atmosphere, which put the class at ease. He knew the material extremely well and delivered it in a manner that was interesting and engaging.”

The inverted degree program that Allan is enrolled in requires him to take all of the core curriculum courses that weren’t included in his original technical degree plan, so he is taking many of the basics, like English, now. UEX offers a wide variety of these courses, and Allan reports, “I am enrolled in ANT 302 — Cultural Anthropology for the Fall 2012 semester. I’m excited and looking forward to it!”

The benefits of taking these courses with UEX are clear to Allan, who says, “For me, the biggest benefit of taking courses with UEX is being able to attend classes at a top tier university, taught by knowledgeable faculty, without having to apply for admissions, and the cost is just a fraction of what I would pay at other institutions.”

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