:: Back to School with University Extension

Going Back to School

If you got sidetracked from college, University Extension (UEX) offers top-quality classes, which are taken directly from The University of Texas at Austin’s course inventory and are often taught by the same faculty.

UEX does not offer degrees. But UEX does offer you an opportunity to take UT Austin courses and certificate programs without having to go through the admissions process. UEX courses will transfer to almost all colleges and universities, and the credit earned appears on a UT Austin transcript.

Advising is available year round for anyone interested in taking advantage of UEX course options. Our advisor is familiar with the concerns of those returning to school, and he can guide you through the process of deciding where to start.

Course Registration Options

UEX offers three course formats, so you can build credit at a time and in a way that is best suited to your needs:

  • semester classroom courses
  • semester online cohort courses
  • self-paced online courses

UEX semester classroom and online cohort courses begin in mid-January, early June and late August/early September. Classroom courses meet after 5 p.m. on the main UT Austin campus. Online cohort courses follow UT Austin’s semester calendar, but students and instructors interact online.

Browse our Semester Course List to get started.

Prefer to set your own pace?

University Extension offers around 40 self-paced online classes, all approved by UT Austin departments and all taught by UT Austin faculty or UT Austin-approved instructors. These courses are independent-study, and you have up to five months to complete the coursework.

Browse our Self-paced Online Course List to find a class that meets your needs.