:: Five Reasons Why Our Students Go Back to School

Posted: June 30, 2014

Five Reasons Why Our Students Go Back to School

Going back to school is a big decision. It can involve a lot of planning and hard work, but the rewards can benefit you personally and professionally. At University Extension (UEX), we can help you take those first steps back to school with open enrollment to a wide variety of credit courses from The University of Texas at Austin.

Here are five reasons that convinced our students to return to school:

Photo of Sarah Shamburg

1. To complete a degree.

Sarah Shamburg only needed one more class to complete her degree. She took that last class online over the weekends, while working full-time.
Photo of Ken Due

2. To set an example for others.

Though he had built a successful career in IT without a degree, Ken Due wanted to set a good example for his children. After nearly 20 years away, he returned to school to show his kids the importance of education.
Photo of Sarah Hernandez

3. To learn more about a possible career change.

Sarah Hernandez wasn’t sure about applying to an MBA program. She took several courses, earning the Business Foundations Certificate, so she could decide what to study and improve her qualifications.
Photo of Saleh Alghamdi

4. To improve communication and writing skills.

English wasn’t Saleh Alghamdi’s first language, and he worried that he would be unable to keep up with his peers in graduate school. He took evening classroom courses to improve his English-language skills and practice academic writing.
Photo of Erine Gray

5. To change the world.

After Erine Gray’s mother was diagnosed with encephalitis, he was inspired to start a business that would help others to find the services they need in times of crisis. He took an entrepreneurship course and launched AuntBertha.com, an online social work site.

UEX courses are available online and in the evenings on the main UT Austin campus. Courses are transferable and grades are provided on an official university transcript.

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