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Business Foundations Certificate

Courses and Requirements

Courses in University Extension’s Business Foundations Certificate (BFC) program are the same as those taught by the University’s McCombs School of Business. Instructors either teach in or are approved by the McCombs School of Business.

A person may opt to take one or more BFC courses without intending to complete the Certificate. To earn the Business Foundations Certificate, students must complete 24 hours of coursework as detailed below.

Students seeking the Certificate should also note the following:

  • Coursework must be taken for a letter grade. (Exception: AP, CLEP, or IB credit by exam courses are acceptable for statistics and economics requirements).
  • Students may use two online business foundations courses toward their BFC requirements. Students may also use online credit for the economics and statistics requirements.
  • Students must maintain an overall GPA of C or better in all BFC-related coursework.
  • UT Austin students pursuing a BFC through the McCombs School of Business may take up to three of their BFC courses through University Extension.
  • UT Austin students pursuing a BFC through University Extension may take up to three of their BFC courses through McCombs.
  • Students cannot be on scholastic or disciplinary dismissal from any institution of higher education.

Lower-Division Courses

All lower-division courses are required. Students may show they earned lower-division credit elsewhere.

  • Microeconomics or Macroeconomics (ECO 301, ECO 304K, ECO 304L or the direct equivalent)
  • Any three-hour statistics course
  • ACC 310F - Foundations of Accounting
  • MIS 302F - Introduction to Information Technology Management (MIS 311F taken before Fall 2008 is honored)

Upper-Division Courses

  • FIN 320F - Foundations of Finance (required)

An additional nine hours from the following courses:

  • BA 320F - Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • IB 320F - Foundations of International Business
  • LEB 320F - Legal Environment of Business: Foundations of Business Law
  • MAN 320F - Foundations of Management
  • MKT 320F - Foundations of Marketing

When you are ready to apply for the Certificate, contact our office for the application.

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