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What do I have to do to be admitted to University Extension (UEX)?

UEX does not have a formal admissions process, but students must meet certain criteria before they may be enrolled. See Eligibility Policies for more information. Qualified students may submit registration forms online, by fax, by mail or in person.

Will taking a University Extension course help me gain admission to The University of Texas at Austin?

UEX students who wish to be admitted to UT Austin’s regular program must follow the normal admissions process. Since UEX courses are from UT’s approved course inventory, follow the same syllabi as the main campus, and are taught by instructors approved by UT’s academic departments, our courses will give a very good indication of the quality and expectations of UT coursework. So taking UEX courses won’t influence the admissions process, but it can reduce “transfer shock” and make for an easier transition if you do get accepted to UT.

How much does it cost to take courses from UEX?

Fees for UEX courses range from $350-$1500. Some of the factors that affect the price include the number of credit hours, the field of study, the level of credit (i.e., undergraduate or graduate), and the materials needed for a particular course. UEX is not state supported, so the amount we charge for a course is directly proportional to what it costs us to provide it. Since the cost to provide a course does not depend on a student’s grade status, there is no difference in the fees for students auditing or taking courses for grades. Consult the specific course listings for the total course fee and see Fee Payment Policies for more details.

Can I sit in on or “shop” for courses without registering for them so that I can see if I really want to take them?

“Shopping” for courses is not permitted in UEX. All courses must meet minimum enrollment before they can be declared “made.” Students and instructors need to know as soon as possible whether their courses have “made” and allowing students to “sit in” on a course without registering unfairly delays this process for those who are willing to commit to it.

How do I know whether my course has made?

You will receive an email indicating when a course you’re enrolled in has been made or cancelled. During the first week of classes, you can also find a list of which courses have made or been cancelled by visiting our home page. You should not attend class until you have received an email or verified on our website that it will be meeting.

Can I transfer from one class to another?

Transfers may be made only on a space-available basis and with the director’s approval. Please see our Cancellation of Low Enrollment Classes and Transfers policies for more information.

How do I get a UT electronic ID (EID)?

If you are a first-time University Extension student who has never received a UT EID, you can create your UT EID and password as the first part of online registration for our courses. If you are a current or former UT student, you should use your regular UT EID to register for UEX courses.

Where is my class going to be held?

Face-to-face semester courses meet on the main UT Austin campus, while online cohort courses are conducted online. The location of classes will be included in the email you receive declaring that your course has made. It will also be posted on our home page a few days before classes begin.

If I drop a class, do I get a refund?

The last day to get a full refund falls before classes begin. The last day to get a 50% refund falls a day or two after classes begin. The dates are listed on our calendar.

What do I do to get my UEX course on a UT transcript?

UEX courses and grades go directly onto a UT transcript and into a UT student’s cumulative GPA.

Will my UEX course count toward my degree?

Credit for UEX courses is usually accepted towards a degree. But you should always consult with an advisor in your college to determine whether a UEX course will count. For certain colleges, students must get their dean’s approval (a signature on our registration form) to take UEX classes.

Does my financial aid cover my UEX course?

University Extension semester courses can count toward your “full course load certification” as part of your total course package if you have obtained the proper approvals from your dean’s office if needed. In most cases, Financial Aid is available to admitted University of Texas students who are enrolled for six hours or more in the regular day program. See our financial aid page for semester courses for more information.

Can I use the UT Austin libraries?

Yes. Non-UT students pay a $10 library fee, which entitles them to use proprietary databases and to check out materials from any of the UT libraries. You can access the online databases on the UT Libraries website using your UT EID. To check out physical materials, you will need to obtain a temporary borrower’s card from the Perry-Castaneda library, the main UT library, located at 101 E. 21st Street on the UT campus. Please bring a copy of your University Extension receipt to the information desk at the library entrance, and they will be able to issue you the borrower’s card, which will be active through the semester you are enrolled with us.

Can I earn a degree in University Extension?

University Extension does not offer degrees. Credit you earn through UEX may be applied toward degree credit at a college or university, depending on the school’s transfer policies.