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Academic Credit for Semester College Classes

University Extension credit courses are full academic credit courses. They appear on a student’s UT Austin transcript as “Extension Credit” (unless taken for no credit).

Credit is given in semester hour units. Each course usually requires approximately three hours of classroom meeting time a week throughout the semester and at least two hours of preparation for every hour spent in class. Most courses have a credit value of three semester hours. Laboratory, field, or studio time requirements vary with the goals of a course, so there is no fixed ratio of laboratory time requirements to class hours. (See also Course Numbering).

Extension credit is generally accepted as transfer credit toward undergraduate degrees at other institutions, but acceptance of transfer credits is always determined by the institution to which a student is applying. If you are pursuing a degree elsewhere, please consult with your advisors at that university to determine extension course applicability to your degree. (Students in UT Austin degree programs please see the section “UT Austin Students” and consult the UT Austin General Information Bulletin.)

If you are taking an extension course for credit toward licensing or other professional requirements, please check with the appropriate licensing or professional organization before you enroll to be sure that the extension credit will be accepted.