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Course Numbering

Courses are designated by numbers, or by numbers with a capital letter following. The numbers indicate both the rank and the credit value of the course. The first digit specifies the number of credit hours: course numbers 201 through 299 denote a value of two semester hours, 301 through 399, a value of three semester hours, and so on. The last two digits specify the rank of the course: 01 through 19 indicates that the course is of lower-division rank; 20-79 indicates upper-division rank; 80-99 indicates graduate rank.

Two courses that have the same abbreviation and the same last two digits may not both be counted for credit unless the digits are followed by a letter. For example, Chemistry 610 and Chemistry 810 may not both be counted because they are substantially the same; however, English 325 and 325K may both be counted.

The letter A following a course number designates the first half of a course; B designates the second half. For example, Music 612A is the first half of Music 612; Music 612B is the second half.