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Fee Payment

Payment for a course is due at the time of registration. Personal checks, money orders, credit cards (MC, VISA, or Discover), and cash are accepted. Checks returned for insufficient funds must be cleared by the Office of Accounting within ten days of notification. Failure to redeem the debt may result in the cancellation of your registration.

Course fees vary depending on the field of study because the cost to the program for providing instruction varies. For example, business and technical courses generally cost more than liberal arts courses. The total course fee consists of a basic fee plus any additional fees for special materials, equipment, labs, field trips, etc. Consult the specific course listings for the total course fee.

All students who are not simultaneously enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin pay an additional $10 per semester library fee. This entitles students to full library access, including use of proprietary databases, entitlement to check out books and use reserve materials in the library. A non-refundable late registration fee ($40 or $60 depending on the date you enroll) will be added to all registrations after the regular enrollment period.

Members in good standing of The Ex-Students’ Association and UT Austin employees who have been employed for at least four months and work at least twenty hours are eligible for a course discount of $50 on a 3-, 4- or 5-credit-hour course; $30 on a 2-credit-hour course; and $15 on a 1-credit-hour course.