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Financial Aid and Course Load Certification

UT Austin Students

In most cases, University Extension’s semester courses can count toward your “full course load certification” for financial aid and similar certifications as long as you meet the required minimum daytime enrollment hours (usually six hours) and are making satisfactory academic progress as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS). Talk to OSFS for more details. If approved, students typically pay for their UEX course(s) and bring their receipt to OSFS, which will then reimburse students out of their financial aid award. UT Austin students may not currently use their financial aid toward any UEX self-paced online courses.

Students Enrolled at Another School

If you are receiving financial aid at another institution of higher education, University Extension can issue you a letter at your request certifying your registration. You may include this with other documentation of courses in applying for financial aid, but we cannot guarantee it will be accepted.

Students Not Enrolled Elsewhere

Federal or state subsidized financial aid is not available if you are taking only University Extension courses. Students with no financial aid privileges at a college or university may qualify for various loan programs tailored to meet the needs of nontraditional students. The specific terms and time needed to process applications varies with the loan program.

Students who are unable to pay the entire course fee at the time of registration may be eligible for a payment plan. Please contact our office for details.