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Incomplete Grades

You receive an “X” when you have been given additional time to complete coursework that is of passing quality. University Extension instructors follow official UT Austin guidelines found in the General Information Bulletin and in the Graduate Catalog concerning the requirements for completing a grade of “X.” An “X” should be assigned only if the student has been informed and the exact procedures by which the student will make up the work are agreed upon. The assignment of an “X” constitutes a contract between the student and the instructor. It is often helpful to have the arrangement in writing, specifying what the student is expected to do to complete the course, including due dates. Undergraduate coursework must be completed and the instructor must report a final grade on or before the last date for grade reporting in the next semester, excluding any intervening summer session. Students who fail to complete work in the allowed time will receive an F for the course.

If graduate coursework is not completed before the end of the course, the instructor may report the symbol “X” (incomplete) to the registrar in place of a grade. The student must then complete the course requirements and the instructor must report a final grade by the end of the grade reporting period in the student’s next long-session semester of enrollment. If this deadline is not met, the symbol “X” is converted to the symbol “I” (permanent incomplete). If the student is not enrolled during a long-session semester for twenty-four months following the end of the semester in which the “X” is reported, and the instructor does not report a final grade, then the symbol “X” is converted to the symbol “I”. The symbol “I” cannot be converted to a grade. When the symbol “I” is recorded, the symbol “X” also remains on the student’s record. (UT Austin students please see the section UT Austin Students.)