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UT Austin Students

  • Some colleges require approval for their students to be simultaneously enrolled with University Extension (UEX). Liberal Arts, Education, and Natural Sciences do not require prior approval. Students in other colleges should check with their advisor before registering with UEX. UEX staff will not process a registration for a UT Austin student until we verify approval if it is required by your college.
  • Graduate students are permitted to count up to six total hours of University Extension graduate credit in their programs of work only if they have the proper forms signed by their graduate advisors and the office of the Graduate Dean. The procedure for obtaining permission is:
    1. Fill out a University Extension registration form as well as the form entitled “Graduate Student Request to Take an Extension Course.” Your graduate coordinator should have these forms. If not, contact the University Extension office.
    2. Have both forms signed by your graduate advisor and the Office of Graduate Dean in MAI 101.
    3. Submit both signed forms to the University Extension office with your payment.
  • Graduate students may also take courses with undergraduate numbers, but those courses will not count for their program of graduate work and will not qualify for financial aid except in rare circumstances and with special permission from the sponsoring department and the graduate school.
  • Course grades are recorded automatically on your UT Austin transcript as “extension credit.” These grade points count in your overall UT GPA.
  • Your grades are sent to the Registrar by the deadline set by UT Austin. You will also receive a separate grade report for your University Extension grades within two weeks of the Registrar’s grade deadline.
  • Note that University Extension is obliged to give its final examinations during UT Austin’s “dead days” (because of space limitations on campus). Check the calendar for this semester for exact final examination times. If you sign up for a UEX course, you accept this condition.
  • University Extension follows many but not all of the same deadlines as UT Austin for drops, grading status change requests, incompletes, and withdrawals. Therefore, refer to the UEX calendar for deadlines for your UEX courses. Please also note that:
    • You are not automatically dropped from your University Extension classes if you withdraw from The University. You need to inform University Extension separately if you have received permission from your dean’s office to drop all of your classes.
    • If you needed your dean’s office approval to take a University Extension class, you also need your dean’s office approval to drop the class. See Dropping Courses for additional information.
  • In most cases, University Extension semester courses can count toward your “full course load certification” for financial aid and similar certifications. This means that financial aid is available to admitted UT Austin students who are enrolled for six hours or more in the regular day program. (Graduate students must check with their graduate advisor first about whether the course can be included in their aid package.)
  • Payment for your UEX course is due at the time you register. If you cannot pay at that time, please see your financial aid counselor or call Student Financial Services (512-475-6282) and work out some arrangement for an emergency loan or an alternative. If you qualify, UT Austin Financial Aid will reimburse you for your UEX courses, provided you have proper dean’s permission to register.