:: Spotlight: Cristela Guevara

Photo of Cristela Guevara
Cristela Guevara plans to attend
law school after graduating with
an undergraduate degree
in government.

Posted: April 11, 2014

Future Law Student Gains Insight and Practice in Government Course

Last summer, with plans to spend the fall semester abroad but still needing to complete some core curriculum requirements to graduate on time, Cristela Guevara enrolled in GOV 357M - Civil Liberties with University Extension (UEX). She initially registered for the course to complete a writing flag requirement for her degree, but she found that it provided much more than she’d expected.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in government at The University of Texas at Austin this spring, Guevara plans to go to law school, and her Civil Liberties course from UEX turned out to be excellent preparation for a future law student, providing insights and practice that will be invaluable in the future.

As the course title suggests, GOV 357M explores major themes in civil liberties, such as religious free exercise, free speech, due process and equal protection. In addition to the reading and writing one would expect, legal principles related to these themes were examined in both historical and contemporary contexts with group discussion and mock trials.

Guevara found that these exercises were particularly helpful for her. “English is not my first language,” she explains. “So I appreciated the opportunity to practice my speaking skills in the mock trials. It was a great experience!”

In addition, Guevara was fascinated by the diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints expressed by her classmates. “One of my favorite parts of the course was learning about everyone’s different points of view about contemporary issues such as privacy rights. We learned about each others’ opinions and how to express our points of view as well, especially in writing,” she says.

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