:: Spotlight: Dan Halverstadt

Posted: February 1, 2012

Airman Lands Degree with Help from UEX

Dan Halverstadt joined the Air Force right out of high school because he was looking for job training and wanted to see the world. At the time, military educational benefits weren’t even on his radar. At a critical moment when he was planning to leave service without using his education benefits, Dan realized the value of getting a bachelor’s degree.

Read about Dan’s motivation to go back to school and his plans for the future.

“At one point in my military career I decided to get out. Then I met a retired Sergeant Major from the Army who was delivering furniture. He told me that he used to run the Army’s IT division, and he got out thinking that he would make big money but couldn’t find a job because he didn’t have a degree. I reenlisted that week and started working on school right away.

I learned about UEX from another university, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), while trying to finish my bachelor’s degree. I was down to my final course — physics — and UEX was one of only two programs that SIUC would accept course credit from, due to UEX’s strict academic standards.

I am a married father of two with a busy life and unpredictable work schedule. UEX’s self-paced online course format really gave me the flexibility to finish assignments when I had the time. The class format is very simple to follow. You log onto the website, enter the class and simply follow the menus to find your assignments. I really liked that there were several video examples that enhanced what the text taught, making many of the main points much simpler and easier to understand.

Because of UEX I was able to take an online physics class, which is very hard to find, and complete my bachelor’s degree. With my high deployment rate I would never have completed my degree otherwise.”

Today, Dan is the Superintendent of the US Air Force’s Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, near Bakersfield, California. Dan took PHY 302K — General Physics: Technical Course — Mechanics, Heat and Sound online and completed a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology in 2011.

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