:: Meet Dinara Jumadilova: International UEX Student

Posted: March 2010

International UEX Student is Focused on the Future

March marks the celebration of both Women’s History month and International Women’s Day (March 8), a global holiday recognizing the economic, political and social achievements of women the world over. This year’s theme is “Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all.” To mark this occasion, we shine a light on the achievements of one of our own international students: Dinara Jumadilova of University Extension (UEX).

Dinara was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1985 when the country was part of the U.S.S.R. Although Dinara spent her early childhood living with grandparents in a country village, she grew up in Almaty, the country’s largest city and former capitol. After studying physical therapy, Dinara graduated from the Kazakh National Medical University in 2008. A year later, she was awarded a Bolashak scholarship (“Bolashak” is a Kazakh word meaning “future”) from the Kazakh government to pursue a graduate degree in health care administration in the United States.

In preparation for graduate school , Dinara is taking English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and Foundations of Organizational Behavior and Administration (MAN 320F) through UEX.

Dinara says, “I chose this [management] course [taught by professor Dennis Passovoy] because it is related to my future major and career. I’m hoping to study health care administration in graduate school, and I believe this course will be very useful when I finish school and work in a hospital.” Dinara plans to use her degree in a career back in her native country.

“I really enjoy how the class is going,” continues Dinara. “[It] is useful, not only for business-oriented people, but also for anyone who wants to succeed in their careers. The course will help me with my master’s degree in health care administration and with my management career in the future. I am happy that I chose this class, though at the moment of registration for the class it didn’t seem to be related to my major. Yet now, I am sure that it was the right decision.”

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