:: E 338 - American Literature from 1865 to Present

Photo of Wayne Lesser
Video lectures by Dr. Wayne Lesser provide students with an added dimension of learning.

Posted: March 20, 2013

Updated Online Literature Course Open for Registration

University Extension (UEX) is pleased to announce that an updated version of self-paced online course E 338 — American Literature: From 1865 to Present is open for registration.

The course is taught by Dr. Wayne Lesser, an award winning professor in the Department of English at The University of Texas at Austin and long-time instructor for UEX. Dr. Lesser teaches a wide range of American literature and theory courses to both undergraduate and graduate students.

In his classes, Dr. Lesser endeavors to help his students understand the “historical context” of literature, how the authors and their works are a reflection of their times. English 338 surveys American literature from the post-Civil War period to the present, divided into three units. Each unit focuses on a specific period of time in American literary thought and expression.

Updates to the course include video lectures and sound recordings of some of the works studied.

E 338 — American Literature: From 1865 to Present is one of the many self-paced online courses offered by UEX, which can be started at any time and taken from anywhere.

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