:: Finding Testing Sites Outside of Austin

Posted: 5/11/12

Finding Testing Sites Outside of Austin

Self-paced online courses give students the option of earning credit from anywhere. Students who want to earn credit with University Extension (UEX) from outside of Austin need to make their own arrangements for taking exams at an alternate testing site.

The process for requesting an exam at an alternate testing site is the same for both midterms and final exams. If your course has a midterm, you should request and take your midterm at the designated place in your course outline. For overall good planning, keep in mind any and all midterms must be graded before you can request your final exam.

Requesting an Alternate Testing Site

  1. Look for testing centers in your area. Start your search for a testing site by looking for a college or university near you that has a testing center. (Students in Texas may find this list of testing sites in Texas useful.) Contact these testing centers to see if they proctor exams for students of other schools. If none of the local colleges or universities have testing centers that will be able to proctor your exams, check the closest site where LSAT and GMAT exams are given:
  2. Request your exam in Blackboard. From within your course in Blackboard, click on the link to your midterm or final exam request, and select the button labeled “I want to take the exam at an alternate testing site.”
  3. Complete the Proctor Agreement Form. You will be directed to a Proctor Agreement Form, which you and the proctor at your alternate testing site will both need to complete. Download this form, complete the sections for the exam taker and give the partially completed form to your proctor to finish completing.
  4. Submit the Proctor Agreement Form. Send the completed form to UEX’s Testing Assistant, via email, or fax it to (512) 471-2905. Submitting an incomplete form may delay processing your request.
  5. Watch your email for a response. You will receive either email confirmation that your exam was sent to your proctor, or a denial of proctor message via email with more details regarding acceptable proctor sites.

If you are unable to find a testing site in your area, you can contact UEX’s Testing Assistant, via email, to request assistance.

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