:: Course Options for Health Professions Students

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Course Options for Health Professions Students

UEX courses are available in three course formats, so you can build credit at a time and in a way that is best suited to your needs:

  • semester classroom courses
  • semester online cohort courses
  • self-paced online courses

Before enrolling in a course to satisfy a prerequisite, we encourage students to check with the school where they plan to use the course, as degree programs and requirements vary greatly within and across institutions.

Semester Course Options

Spring 2015 course offerings included:

  • BCH 369 - Fundamentals of Biochemistry
  • BIO 311D - Introductory Biology II
  • BIO 325 - Genetics
  • CH 320N - Organic Chemistry II
  • CMS 306M - Professional Communication Skills
  • M 302 - Introduction to Mathematics
  • M 316 - Elementary Statistical Methods
  • PSY 301 - Introduction to Psychology-WB (Online)
  • PSY 346K - Psychology of Sex-WB (Online)
  • RHE 306 - Rhetoric and Writing

Watch our Semester Courses to find a class that works for you.

Self-paced Online Course Options

These courses are self-paced and independent study, so you can register for them anytime, and do the coursework from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Search the complete list of Self-paced Online Courses to find other course options.

Advising is available year round for anyone interested in taking advantage of UEX course options. UEX encourages you to consult with our advisor, Dr. Mike Raney.