:: UEX Student Utilizes Military Education Program

Posted: January 7, 2011

UEX Student Utilizes Military Education Program

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (known as MyCAA) helps the spouses of U.S. military personnel acquire the education they need to advance their careers.

UEX Student Hilda Eusebio is utilizing this program to prepare for UT Austin’s highly competitive Alternate Entry Master of Science in Nursing (AE MSN) program. Below, Hilda discusses how UEX courses have fit into her education and career goals.

How did you learn about UEX?

Initially I was looking into graduate programs for Master’s of Science in Nursing in the Central Texas area. I came upon the Alternate-Entry Master’s of Science in Nursing (AE-MSN) program offered at the University of Texas at Austin. They listed UEX courses as pre-approved distance learning courses.

What was your goal in taking courses with UEX?

My goal was to complete as many prerequisite courses for the AE-MSN program as were offered by UEX. I decided to specifically take courses at UEX so that the AE-MSN program would know that I can compete and fare well in UT Austin courses.

How did taking courses at UEX help you to reach your academic goals?

It was hard for me to find a career that would work well being married to a spouse in the military. I held a business degree from the University of Washington, but I found that upon our move to an Army post in Germany, I was not able to find employment with that degree and my past employment history. After that experience in Germany and upon finding out that we were expecting, I told myself I wanted to go back to school, and specifically, I wanted a career in the medical field. That way, whenever we had to move, I would always be able to find a job and still have the flexibility and time to have a family. A career in nursing is also in demand even during recessions.

By taking courses at UEX, I’ve been able to complete a few prerequisite courses in order to apply for the AE-MSN program. There are a few courses I still need to complete, but I’m much closer to my goal.

Did you take evening or online courses? What was the benefit of this type of course for you?

I’ve taken both evening and online courses. Both types of courses have worked out perfectly with my family’s busy schedule. Since I have a 13-month old and we’re expecting again in Spring 2011, I am able to do my studies online as well as in the evening, and I only leave my son in daycare for a few hours before my husband picks him up.

What were the classes like? Were they what you expected?

The classes have been very good. I’ve been out of school for eight years now, and I thought I would have a harder time with the courses. However, I have adjusted well to the student lifestyle, and the UEX instructors have been really helpful. They want the students to succeed.

What would you say are the biggest benefits of taking courses with UEX?

The biggest benefit of taking courses with UEX is that they offer an extensive number of classes online and in the evening. The hours are perfect for a working professional, undergraduate student, or a person in my situation. I also enjoy the small class sizes. Sometime general classes will have well over 100 students, and I prefer the more intimate setting. It’s easier for me to learn the material and ask questions, when needed, in smaller classes.

What are the biggest detriments?

I haven’t found anything that has been detrimental in taking classes with UEX. I can handle the one hour commute to and from school. Even parking has not been too terrible.

Any advice to someone considering taking a course with UEX?

UEX offers great courses that are taught by UT Austin professors. Students should consider that when taking courses online you have to be more diligent in your studies. As long as you are disciplined, you will be a successful student and fulfill your ultimate academic goals.

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