:: UEX Fan Prepares for Med School

Posted: June 21, 2010

UEX Fan Prepares for Med School

Jonathan Seefeldt, winner of the first round of the UEX Trivia Lottery drawing, used his 50% discount to register for the UEX online course PHY 302K - General Physics: Technical Course-Mechanics, Heat and Sound.

Seefeldt is taking the class to prepare for medical school, and he says, “The flexibility offered by UEX’s online physics class allows me to take a high-quality university level course while working full-time and taking care of two kids at home.”

In addition to offering a wide variety of courses in subjects like anthropology, English, government, history and foreign languages that can be used to fulfill core curriculum requirements, UEX offers several courses, both online and on campus, that can be used to prepare for medical school.

Become a fan of UEX and watch for more opportunities to win course discounts: www.facebook.com/utaustin.uex.

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