:: Spotlight: Katy Parrott

Posted: October 16, 2012

Photo of Katy Parrott
Katy Parrott took courses with
UEX to finish her degree faster.

UT Student Takes Extra Courses with UEX

Katy Parrott learned a strong sense of civic responsibility from her parents, who are both active participants in community service groups and modeled the ideal of caring for others. Their message to her was, “you never know what someone else is going through,” so be kind and respectful.

With the start of her college education at The University of Texas at Austin, these early lessons in caring have grown into a deep concern about access to healthcare both worldwide and in the United States.

Going to medical school to obtain an MD after she finishes her undergraduate degree is an obvious choice for Katy, but it’s not enough. After participating in one of UT’s Maymesters in Africa, a program that focused on community and social development issues in Ghana, Katy decided to pursue a dual-degree in graduate school, earning a master’s in public health, as well an MD. She sees healthcare security as a basic need that people must have in order to feel stable enough to pursue their other needs and dreams, and her goal is to work in a role where she can affect public health policies.

Katy explains one of her primary concerns by saying, “I am very interested in the topic of universal healthcare. The Affordable Care Act is trying to fix the problem in the United States, but in order to address the problem in developing countries, we need more clinics and doctors to provide dental care, vaccinations, preventive care and general physician services.”

To reach her goals, Katy is completing her undergraduate degree requirements as quickly as possible, taking extra pre-med courses with University Extension (UEX) in the evenings. She says, “UEX gives me the flexibility to take classes outside of my normal day schedule. The classes are small, and the instructors ensure that you aren’t just memorizing the information, they really want you to learn it.”

Flexible course options are especially important to Katy because she recently began an internship at the Texas Capitol, where she reports that she is, “learning how healthcare legislation is passed and what medical issues are being addressed by the legislature.”

Katy took CH 301 - Principles of Chemistry and CH 302 - Principles of Chemistry II with UEX. Both courses fulfill prerequisite course requirements for medical schools in Texas.

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