:: UEX Instructor Feels Passion for Anthropology in Her Bones

Posted: June 2009

UEX Instructor Feels Passion for Anthropology In Her Bones

Dr. Lauri Martin teaches ANT 324L: Forensic Anthropology for University Extension (UEX). Forensic anthropology is the application of physical anthropology and archaeology in the medical and legal contexts of the recovery and identification of human skeletal remains. Osteological analysis can provide answers to questions such as how an individual (or population) lived, how old they were when they died, their sex, their state of health and the types of trauma they may have experienced related to violence, occupation and climate.

Check out Dr. Martin’s responses to these questions about her course and experiences teaching for UEX.

Why do you think this course is valuable?

I think this course is valuable because it encompasses a large variety of the sciences. There are so many skills that go into osteological forensic analysis, the least of which is learning some basic skeletal anatomy, that the course touches on a broad spectrum of interests while at the same time integrating knowledge from many different sciences. Examples of the sciences examined in the course are botany, entomology, and osteology.

What do you like most about your UEX students?

The diversity of age and backgrounds! It is great to have a slice of the real world - with regard to age, sex, and ethnic background.

What is your favorite lesson or activity to share with your UEX students?

It is definitely the osteology, which is the detailed study of the structure, function and diseases of bones and skeletal elements. Osteology is my passion, and I truly enjoy sharing it with the students.

What do you think particularly sticks with your students after taking your course?

I would like to believe that basic skeletal anatomy sticks with the students, and the idea to question all the “CSI” type shows on TV, after learning how real forensic investigations are conducted.

Is there any particular information about your teaching experiences, course(s) or area of expertise that you would like to share with readers?

That I really love what I do, it is my passion, and there is not anywhere else I’d rather be than helping them learn about forensic anthropology!

Dr. Martin teaches Forensic Anthropology (ANT 324L) for UEX.

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